As easy as it may sound in the beginning, as complicated it gets when you start learning about the key components of the slot online art of mixing a DJ set. You should be able to create a mix for every kind of mood. Sometimes your audience will like a more energetic environment while in other cases they might want to relax a bit with some good music. You can create a mix judi slot online for all kinds of sets in advance with these tips, so you can be your audience’s favourite.

Mix the sets live

sets live

People should know that you can mix your sets according to the mood. If you are planning for a 2-3 hour party at a bar, people do not expect the same music the whole time. Avoid premixed tracks and record the live mixes. Practice using the filters and delays according to when the audience expects what.

Know your audience

You may be playing for a fine dinner party one night and for a nightclub on the other. You should know the choices of the songs you pick for every occasion. If you know your audience, you will be able to pick the right tracks keeping the right length and energy level in the music. A rave party will always prefer more than 130bpm whereas a dinner party would enjoy more of 80-90bpm.

Learn to make set diagrams

A diagram for planning the course of your mix is a great tool to be a better DJ. The diagram should illustrate the course of the mix and how the energy levels will change thought the set. There are three common energy levels known as the ramp, the mountain, and the wave. The ramp is a steady rise in BPM and energy levels until the end. The mountain is a rise to the peak and then a steady descent. The wave is a mix of highs and lows throughout the course.

Select your tracks and order

tracks and order

Your track selection is a combination of your taste and what your audience will like to listen. The track order is the energy levels that you are hoping to achieve in the session. Be creative in finding songs for your tracks and do not be afraid to try out less popular or old songs if they complement your set.

Learn the transitions

There are different transitions used by different genre DJs. While the radio DJs like fade transition, the hip hop DJs cut the beat. If you know your kind of music, then you can experiment with different kinds of transitions and even use a combination of multiple ones if it suits your set. If your mix has different genres piled up together, then you will need to spend extra time deciding what transition would be the best for your set. If you are playing a single genre, for example, dance music, you can use the tracks with the same tempo with similar beats, stick them together without a transition.

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